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Keith Thompson is the owner and lead home inspector of Engineer Mountain Inspections. Having spent much of his life in the housing industry, Keith understands the importance of a reliable home inspection backed by professional experience. He’s the only home inspector in the Durango, Colorado region certified through the rigorous standards of the International Code Council(ICC). As a former county Chief Building Inspector, Keith is also the only home inspector in the area who has worked in an official capacity as evidence of his excellent service.

Keith has over 30 years experience in new construction and remodel projects. After a stint in property management, Keith took a position as Chief Building Inspector of San Juan County. Desiring to expand his services to include residential homes and commercial properties, Keith founded Engineer Mountain Inspections where he’s proudly served his clients for over five years. He has also served his community as the Fire Marshall and an EMT for emergency services.

Whether you’re buying your family’s first home, selling, or trying to close on the perfect vacation home, Engineer Mountain Inspections provides inspection services that will satisfy the demands of buyers, sellers, realtors, and investors.

Climb to the top of what’s possible when it comes to making a great investment. Request to schedule a complete home or commercial inspection with Engineer Mountain Inspections today.

When he’s not performing inspections, Keith is an avid outdoorsman. He loves to spend time on the trail whether he’s hiking, mountain biking, or riding on horseback. Keith also enjoys going on camping trips where he can be found relaxing by the river with a fishing pole in hand, and he is an avid skiier.

Engineer Mountain, Colorado by artist Eileen Fjerstad

Engineer Mountain, Colorado
by Eileen Fjerstad

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